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Show plates for your motorcycle may interest you if you want to enter the bike in competitions or motor shows. While they may not be road legal (driving around with them is a violation of the law), they can be very useful for various purposes. One of the most common is to identify vehicles that are enrolled in car shows.

Because there are no legal restrictions to the design and manufacture of show plates, they can be customized to display anything you desire in any color, font and spacing you choose. In this way, they are very useful in identifying cars and motorcycles in shows, vehicle sale showrooms and can even help in identifying the brand. It is important however that you remember to remove the number plate as soon as you leave the show to avoid problems with the law on your way home.


Custom Motorcycle Show Plates

It is also possible to get customizable road legal number plates. These ones can be a bit more expensive to acquire than the show plates, but present the ultimate way to customize your bike. These custom plates will comply with all the rules listed above, but will customize the combination of letters and numbers so that they spell a certain word or phrase.

Because of a high demand in the various combinations of numbers and letters, these customized motorcycle show plates can be very expensive and quite rare, making them all the more valuable.



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