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Fiat models are designed to be high-tech machines, meant to simplify our lived by being efficient fuel machines while maintaining top notch performance. The FIAT  as we know it today, was established in 1899 as Fabbrica Italiana Automobil Torino by Giovanni Agnelli and several other investors. That same year, the company launched its first 4HP car and in 1900, the first plant for the production of FIAT cars was built. This initial plant would allow for the production or 24 cars a year. The company had a steady start and by 1903 was making a profit.

By 1904, the company had rolled out 135 vehicles at the range of cars produced by FIAT increased to commercial engines, trucks, marine vehicles and trams. In 1906, the company officially dropped the acronym and became simply known as “Fiat,” a decision that would mark the beginning of one of the biggest car manufacturers in Italy.


Fiat 1910-1940

By 1910, Fiat had begun the manufacture of airplane engines as well as the launch of six new models namely the Type 5, Type 6, 30-45HP, 15-10HP, 12-15HP and the 20-30HP. 4 years later, the company would make its mark on the International racing, winning the American Grand Prize. The Fiat Zero, the company’s  first small displacement vehicle was released in 1915.

The impending First World War meant that Fiat as would other vehicle manufacturers in Europe, shift focus to production of War vehicles. Fiat would resume passenger vehicle production in 1919 immediately after the war, releasing the 702 and the famous 510, 505 and 501 economy models. Giovanni Agnelli became Chairman and CEO of Fiat in 1920 and two years later, the AL biplane was released.

By the end of the 20s, Fiat released a series of models including the 514, 525, the left-hand drive 520 and the 6-cylinder luxury 509 as well as the SuperFiat, all of which became immediate successes. The 30s marked an era of expansion for the company which saw it begin production in Poland, Spain and the USSR.

By 1935, Fiat released 6 new models including the 1100 Musone, 500 Topolino , 1500, the 527 Adrita, the 518 and the  508 Balilla. Toward the end of that decade, Fiat began construction on the Mirafiori Plant in Italy, which introduced some of the most hi-tech advanced production markets in Italy at the time.


Fiat 1940- 1980

The impending World War would once again see Fiat shift production to military purposes by 1940. In 1945, the company hit a rough patch with the death of Agnelli. Vittorio Valleta was named as the new chairman and the company quickly recovered, introducing the 1100S and upgraded versions of the 1500 and the 1000 as well as the 500 B Estate and the Berlinetta.

By the end of the 1950s, the company had introduced Italy’s first jet, the Fiat G 80 and numerous other successful car models including the 500,the 600 and the Autobianchi as well as the 1400 which was Italy’s first diesel-powered passenger car. With production increasing to 1.741,00 cars, Fiat was forced to increase the number of employees in its employ. By the 70s the company had also increased the number of plants and by the beginning of the 80s, Fiat brought together Ferrari, Lianca, Autobianchi and Fiat brands.


Fiat 1980 – Present Day

By the end of the 80s, Fiat had begun the production of Natural Gas and electric vehicles in an effort to reduce CO2 emissions. A few years later, Alfa Romeo joined the Fiat group and the production of Fully Integrated and Robotized Engine (FIRE) began. In that same decade, Fiat would introduce the world’s first direct-injection diesel engine  for passenger cars.

In 1990, the Panda which was the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle was released. At the same time, the company also introduced a whole host of other models including the Fiat Bravo, Fiat Punto and the Multipla. An alliance with General Motors was announced in 2000 and a year later, the Stilo was introduced. By 2006, Fiat was producing TetraFuel systems for alternative fuels. In 2014, Fiat and Chrysler merged to create Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.

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