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One of the most popular motor vehicle companies in the world, Ford was established and incorporated in the United States in 1903. The company’s founder Henry Ford established the company after a disappointing stint at the Detroit Automobile Company. In 1902, Henry Ford would turn to is friend Alexander Y. Malcomson for financial assistance to launch the Ford Motor Company.

Malcomson quickly put together the funds they needed and together, they soon began working on creating their own vehicles with the help of the Dodge Brothers (future owners of the Dodge motor Company.) Soon, Ford and Malcomson realized that they had put in too much money into the project and the Dodge brothers were demanding payment.

They were forced to bring in new investors into the venture and the Ford Motor Company was born on June, 16th 1903 with 12 investors owning a total of 1,000 Ford company shares. Ford and Malcomson however retained 51% of the shares. The company was a success, becoming profitable in just one year and by 1905 had profits of over $300,000.


Ford 1910 -1940

In 1911, the Ford Motor Company moved its operations to the Highland Park Plant where in that year 70,000 Model Ts were produces. By th192, the plant was churning out an estimates 170,000 model Ts. Demand for the popular Model T was at  an all-time high and since the simple chassis took an average of 12 hours to make, Henry Ford would famously adopt the assembly-line production for the Model T and all subsequent models.

This not only helped him produce more Model Ts in half the time, but also made the model much more affordable. The runaway success of the Ford Motor Company also meant that Henry Ford could significantly increase wages for factory works. The day the increase took effect became known as the $5 Day. By 1917, the Ford Motor Company had begun construction of the River Rouge Complex and introduced its first ever truck.

The 20s would see the company begin the production of  antisubmarine boats and tri-motor planes. The Model A was launched in 1927which would dominate the market for over two decades. During this time, Ford would also create the Flathead V8 engine that would be used in the company’s Lincoln Zephyr Line and the Mercury Brand.


Ford 1940 to 1970

By 1941 at the height of the War, the Ford Motor Company began production of Jeeps used by the US Military during the War. The company would also become one of the first companies in the US to sign the UAW-CIO contract that guaranteed better pay, better working conditions and benefits for employees.

Henry Ford II took over the  company in 1945 AND within 2 years of his leadership, the company introduced the F-Series line of trucks and the Ford Series in 1949. More models would follow in 1950 as well as crash testing to improve safety. The Ford Motor Company would become a publicly traded company in 1960 and one of the most famous models the Ford Mustang was introduced. In 1966, the company produced the GT40MK which broke Ferrari’s 6-year winning streak at Le Mans.


Ford 1970 to Present Day

In the 70’s the Ford Motor Company would introduce the retracting front, self-adjusting , three-point lap and shoulder belts. By the 80s, Phillip Caldwell became the only non-Ford CEO and Chairman of the Ford Company. The Explorer which is perhaps the first SUV ever created was introduced  in the 90s.

By 1993, the Modeo was introduced with the famous Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle following in 1996.  A few years later, Jacques Nasser was removed as CEO and Bill Ford tool over the company. The Ford Motor Company would its 100th anniversary in 2003 and later that same year, the Ford GT would be introduced as a premium sports car. The turbocharged EcoBoost line of engines were introduced in 2009 and by 2014, Mark Fields took over as CEO.

Today, the Ford Motor Company is among the largest in the world with two divisions; Microcraft and Lincoln. You can customize your own Ford Model with one of or custom plates. Whatever you can imagine, we are certain can get it for you.

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