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Toyota Number Plates

You cannot talk about automobile production without the world’s top manufacturer, Toyota finding its way into the conversation. Toyota was established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda whose interest in automobiles dates back to 1924 when he created his own engine. In 1929, Toyoda when to the US and various countries in Europe to learn more about automobiles.

In 1930, he began his research into petrol-powered engines and by 1933 had established the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. In the beginning, this company only focused on the production of automotive parts. In 1936, Toyoda began the creation of a logo for his fledgling company. When the new logo was completed, the Toyota Motor Corporation was incorporated in 1937 and the Koroma plant began the production of automobiles in earnest.


Toyota 1940- 1960

In the 40s, the company began the production of the AG and AE passenger cars as well as the KC and KB commercial trucks. By 1947, the company had produced the SA compact passenger vehicle and the SB small truck as well as the BM trucks. In this same year, the company also produced its 100,000th vehicle.

But by the end of the decade the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was however able to secure a loan that allowed it to remain afloat although it had to sell 300 trucks in 1950 to avoid financial crisis. The management also implemented certain policies including a mass wage reduction and layoffs to avert the crisis. At the same time, Taizo Ishida took over from Toyoda and in a few months the company received a lifeline in the form of a 5,000 vehicle order placed by the US military for the Korean War. Ishida made the decision to invest in a new plant in 1959 which gave Toyota an edge over competitors like Nissan.


Toyota 1960- 1980

In 1961, the company announced the Toyota Publica and in that same year, produced its millionth vehicle. The company would however shift its interests to commercial vehicles, introducing the RK107B light bus in 1963 and the DA100 Heavy duty, Crown Eight and the FA100 trucks in 1964.

The Toyota Sports 800 would be released in 1965 and a year later, one of the world’s most popular models, the Toyota Corolla was announced. In 1967, the 200 GT Sports model was also and by the end of the decade, the company had reached cumulative exports of more than a million units.

The 70s saw unparalleled success for the company following the introduction of the Light Ace, Carina and Celica. A few years later, the Starlet was introduced and the company topped 5 million. As the 80s beckoned the company released the Celica XX, Corsa and the Tercel. The Kinuura and the Tahara plants also began production.


Toyota 1980- Present Day

The beginning of the 80s saw the company receive its first Japanese Quality Control Award. It was also at this time that the company began participating in a variety of motorsports. In 1984,a joint venture with General Motors was finalized, creating Toyota-General Motors. In that same year, the MR2 and the Hilux Surf were also announced.

In the 90s,the company released the now famous Estima, Windom and Astrio at the same time. In 1997, the popular Toyota Prius was introduced and by the end of the decade, the company was exceeding 3 million units sold in a year.

The start of the Millennium saw the company enter into even more market worldwide as it continued to flourish. It established numerous retail outlets in the United States and even entered the Formula One Racing world in 2008.  Toyota hybrids continue to be top sellers, selling more than 2 million units worldwide by 2009.

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