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The Most Expensive Number Plates

The Most expensive Number plates


When it comes to legal plates, it is no secret that there are specifications for what is acceptable and permissible under the law. Getting the right plate is definitely of great concern when you’re buying. There are number plates that are within reach for everyone and that’s not to say there are no exceptions. If you’ve ever desired a number plate tailored to your personality, then you should be aware that this comes at a cost different from the regular costs. You could part ways with few hundreds of pounds up to few thousands to claim one for yourself.


All over the UK, there are many manufacturers of the plates. These companies are aware of what is required and a great deal of them will do justice to your needs and you won’t have to have fear for the heavy hammer of the law. In the past, different kinds of plate were allowed to be used across the country, but new requirements have been set in that regard with a new range facing ban. Going against the requirements can prove costly. You risk paying a heavy fine of up to £1,000 for plate related offences and an addition of a MOT fail where applicable.


Vintage License Plates


In recent times, there has been an emergence of varieties of number plate and its production. Following people’s desire to keep up with their prestige and class, there’s been a chase for personalized car plates which reflects the owners’ personality or affluence in the society. This doesn’t come free, neither does it come cheap. Many people have opted to stand out on the road while riding their prestigious cars. Truly, there is a sense of pride and a feel of power when you are in that kind of position. Because your car is not carrying the regular identification in registration number, egos are pumped and ultimately fed.


With the new clamp down on certain plates that are suggestively offensive, the authorities are stricter in issuance or allowance of certain number plates gracing the roads. These plates are deemed offensive and so, won’t be allowed on the road. They are made up of different combination of characters that makes glaring offensive, if not abusive words when you put them together. Example of such banned plates includes many combinations with the number 68.


You might have heard about or seen a number plate that is quite different from the regular plates on the road. Some of these plates cost quite a “fortune”. A few of these expensive plates are in the public domain. While, you may not want to dig deep into what each of the few costs, it might be interesting to find that some of these plates costs a few hundreds and thousands of pounds.



Number Plates and Their Costs


We shall examine each of them and hopefully you can decide which of them ranked the highest in the category of expensive number plates.


The ‘F 1’ number plate is the only one in the whole of UK. You already know that no two numbers are the same. This number was in the year 2008 sold for £440,625, making it the most expensive plate in the UK at the time until other personalized plates starting getting approval. Owned by a Bradford entrepreneur, an auto designer, Mr. Afzal Kahn, the founder of Kahn Design, that price shattered the record of Mike McCoombs to become the most expensive with this new figures. Khan who also owns a collection of other valuable number plates including the ‘4 HRH’ and the ‘WED IIN’ said that the over £400,000 pounds he paid for the number plate was a good price for what worth ten times that price.


That Price has since been surpassed by other special plates. Earlier in the year, the ‘F1’ plate was listed for sale in the UK for a new record-breaking sum of £12,250,270.83, a sum that could reach up to £14.70 million after government charges are added. This could be the most valuable registration in the whole of the UK if sold successfully. Until that sale is successful, the ‘F1’ plate stands at number 4 on the list of top ten, behind ‘X1’ and ‘G1’ which stand on second and third respectively.


‘SIII EKH’ or ‘SHIEKH’ and ‘S4 UDY’ or ‘SAUDI’ owned by a billionaire, Shakheel Ahmed who described this plate as an “Ultimate Status Symbol”, the plate was issued in the year 1998 when the UK government released the letter ‘S’ as part of the registration character. Believing that it is the right time to sell the number plate after twenty years of ownership, Mr. Ahmed puts the ‘SIII EKH’ plate up for sale at the rate of £10,086,666 and he is seeking to sell the ‘S4 UDY’ for about £1,000,000. According to him, he prefers that the new owner should be a Saudi national, rather than a non-citizen of Saudi Arabia. If these sale becomes successful, then these may be one of the most expensive plates to ever be in the United Kingdom.


Quite a few UK plates have earned their private owners or the DVLA some six-figure pay. Some of them are regarded as the most prized of them all but, we will look at the top ten of these number plates and how much each of them was bought for. Now, let’s check out the most expensive number plates in the UK.


  1. ’25 O’ – £518,480 (2014). This plate stands at the top as the most expensive vehicle number plate. Fitted to a £10 million Ferrari 250 GT SWB, one can say that the characters of the registration plate fits the car to which it is attached. A sync with the model of the car is probably what motivated the owner to opt for it.
  2. ‘X 1’ – £502,500 (2012). Bought by a private owner whose identity is not in public view, this registration number stands on the second most expensive registration in the UK. It is believed that this plate is fitted to a 2008 Mercedes Benz car, according to DVLA.
  3. ‘G 1’ – £5000,000 (2011). Until its auction in the UK in 2011, its value was relatively unknown. Its auction in 2011 for half a million pounds shot it to the third spot on the list. A 2015 Aston Martin has the plate now attached to it.
  4. ‘F 1’ – £440,625 (2008). Registered to Mr. Afzal Kahn’s Bugatti Veyron, this plate has the potential of becoming the world (not just the UK) most expensive and valuable number plate if a buyer pays the £14 million price tag. It was rumoured that Mr. Khan allegedly had a £6 million offer turned down for this plate.
  5. ‘S 1’ – £404,063 (2008). With an estimated value of close to £1 million, the ‘S 1’ plate was first sold in 2008 at £404,063. It is said to be the very first legal number plate issued in Scotland, hence, the ‘S 1’ which means Scotland’s 1st.
  6. ‘1 D’ – £352,411 (2009). Believed to cost more than twice the price of the car it was fitted on, the ‘1 D’ was bought in 2009 and it allegedly fits to the Bentley Bentayga. This must have meant so much to the owner.
  7. ‘1 S’ – £340,000 (2010). Call it a Rolls Royce if you like, the ‘1 S’ number plate is now estimated to have doubled in value since its purchase in 2010. It is fitted to a Phantom car. With £90,000 more than a quarter of a million, this plate comes seventh on the list of the most expensive plates.
  8. ‘M 1’ – £331,500 (2006) Bought in 2006 by a private owner who claimed it was for his son. A son who was just 10 years old at the time. Maybe the son was his first child, hence the ‘M 1’. Who knows?
  9. ‘GB 1’ – £325,000 (2009). Estimated to cost up to £500,000 if it was sold today, the ‘GB 1’ is favoured as the most patriotic number plate in the entire UK. It is fitted on a Rolls-Royce and owned by a private individual. It is believed that post-Brexit would have given it a higher value if it were to be sold now.
  10. ‘D 1’ – £300,096 (2015). A transposition of the ‘1 D’, this plate made it to the top ten list of the most expensive number plate in the UK. It is fixed to a white Roll-Royce Ghost.


There you have the top ten most expensive number plates in the whole of the UK. Without a doubt, the ’25 O’ is unarguably the most expensive with over £15,000 more expensive than the second placed ‘X 1’. In the emerging world, we could see some changes to this list in the near future. There are many more plates which have values higher than a £200,000 in the country, with many more hoping to make it to the first ten.


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